Just for fun, we’re following along with Chef Jesse Vergen as he hosts Discover Saint John’s new “For First Timers” series.

In the first episode, Chef Jesse visited Mimimi, a new authentic Chinese restaurant located in Millidgeville.  After watching the video, be sure to check out their  AWESOME looking menu.

The second episode features the romantic Italian by Night, a restaurant that just keeps increasing in popularity and garnering rave reviews.  If you haven’t been fortunate enough to experience this lovely restaurant yet, you should really make it a personal dining goal!

In the third installment of this fun series, Chef Jesse spotlights Taste of Egypt, located on King Street.  In the video, we quickly learn that Egyptian food is essentially a Mediterranean cuisine, and that while Taste of Egypt has some spicier options for those who like a little heat, Mediterranean food is generally just very flavorful, as opposed to spicy.

Vegolution was the first vegan/vegetarian restaurant to be featured in the series (episode 4), and does it ever look great!  Did you know… they’re currently #1 out of 211 restaurants in Saint John on Trip Advisor?!  If the food tastes half as good as it looks, it’s no wonder!   Click here to watch Chef Jesse experience this cool new uptown eating experience.

Episode 5 features, as Chef Jesse puts it, “a very special restaurant”.  Anyone who has eaten at Thandi’s on Canterbury Street knows about their incredible food and ambiance.  While owners Holly and Ken Singh market this fantastic restaurant with the tagline “Where East Meets West”, don’t be tempted to play it safe and stick with your traditional western fare… give your taste buds a real treat and try any of their authentic Indian curries… you won’t be disappointed.  Their staff is great at making recommendations for any newbies to this tasty cuisine.  If you watch and listen closely to the entire video, you’ll learn about a few signature dishes, you’ll know that they can customize the level of spiciness in any dish, you’ll discover the origins of the restaurant name, AND you’ll also learn about the special connection Chef Jesse has with Thandi’s!  Don’t have time or opportunity to watch the video?  There’s also an informative narrative written up on Discover Saint John’s website.

The venerable Saint John City Market is the subject of Episode 6, and Chef Jesse doesn’t disappoint with his tour.  Since we frequently refer our guests to the City Market to pick up groceries and/or delicious ready-made items for in-room dining (made so easy with our fully equipped mini or full kitchens), we’re happy to see this episode added to the series.  You can visit Discover Saint John’s website to read about it, OR click here to go directly to the video, which is really entertaining.  There are some great interviews AND Chef Jesse gets to ring the market bell!

If you’re interested in learning about great dining experiences in Saint John (and who isn’t?), keep checking back here and we’ll try to keep up with this fun new video series!