If you’ve ever had a Tarzan fantasy, or just enjoy seeking a unique perspective on your natural surroundings, TimberTop Adventures should be a destination on your 2019 summer bucket list.

On their website, TimberTop is described as “whimsical enough to appeal to children of all ages (including grown-up kids), but challenging enough to work up a sweat”.  They have a variety of course types, with difficulty levels customized for children and beginners right up thru the most avid and fit adventurers out there.  If you’re looking for the next big birthday party idea for your young son or daughter, they’ve got some really cool looking birthday packages!

If you happen to be staying at Chipman Hill Suites for several months over the summer season, you may want to consider investing in a season pass to Timbertop, as a fun alternative to, or to supplement, your gym membership.

Don’t take our word about all the fun to be had…. click here to watch their video and see what’s in store.

TimberTop can be reached at 657-6060 or 1-833-657-6060 (toll free).