We named this package as we did because the deal is SIZZLING!

Spend the night in one of our open concept executive suites with king bed, kitchenette and full bathroom with airpool or jetted tub. YOU determine the heat level when you order dinner at Lemongrass ($100 gift card), where you will enjoy diverse and authentic Thai fare. Too hot for Thai? Enjoy a summer afternoon or evening on the Peppers Pub patio along the Market Square Boardwalk, and use your gift card for drinks and items from their delicious pub menu! Don't worry... even when summer is over, this deal still applies. You may not want to be out on the patio mid-January, but Peppers Pub is a hot spot all winter! $239+tax.

Please note: restaurant reservations are the responsibility of the guest, call Lemongrass/Peppers Pub at 506-657-8424.