COVID-19 - A Message from our Owner

Dear Valued Guests and Prospective Visitors,

When I wrote our initial “response to the pandemic” to post on our website back in the spring of 2020, I would not have been able to conceive that some 18 months later I would need to be updating that message.  At the time, I believe we were all (naively) thinking that within a few months, Covid-19 would be a thing of the past.  As we are all now well aware, such is not the case!

I wanted to take this opportunity to brief you on our current standards, protocols, and practices with regard to the pandemic.

Chipman Hill Suites remains, as we always have, committed to the highest standards of cleanliness in our suites. We have, however, added measures to our hygiene, cleaning and operational procedures in response to Covid-19, and these measures have not waivered since their implementation.

We have become “Clean it Right” certified by the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick.

We provide new and ongoingstaff training related to personal hygiene, sanitation and operational procedures.

We have increased the frequency of both general and detailed cleaning in our public spaces with particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, key pads, hand rails, etc.

We provide hand sanitizer at the entrance to each building and have moved from cloth towels to paper towels in our public washrooms.

Our employees practice social distancing and wear face masks while working in public spaces.

100% of our employees are double vaccinated.

Our employees stay home if they feel unwell.

We follow or exceed all directives and recommendations for our industry as provided by the provincial government for each phase of recovery.

In addition to the above, the following long-standing features of our business model have become more relevant during the pandemic due to their “built in” safety measures: we have always had a “contactless” check-in procedure; with only 7-14 suites in each building, there is low foot traffic; each suite has its own full kitchen or kitchenette and private bath; we have outdoor parking options.

Please do your part to help us maintain a safe environment.  Use the provided hand sanitizer, wash your hands regularly, sign your guests in and out, wear face masks in the common areas, and maintain social distancing from those outside of your bubble.  If you become unwell with two or more Covid symptoms, if you have travelled on a plane or cruise, or in crowded places (especially Covid “hot spots”) within the last 14 days, or if you are not double vaccinated, we ask that you let us know so that our staff can take additional protective measures while serving your needs.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns, comments, or questions. There is nothing we want more than for you to have a safe and enjoyable stay at Chipman Hill Suites.


Susan Fullerton